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13 Aug

Longline Slits

Whew! Too many pics from the Italy trip to post. Thanks for being patient with me blowing up the instagram feed. So many eye candy photos captured that I wanted to have on my page. I realized it would be too much and I do have that censor that goes off that I could possibly be annoying people with all the travel pics, so I definitely hope to have a recap post on the blog of all our pics from Italy.

I didn’t bring my laptop on our trip thinking I wouldn’t have any time to blog. In the middle of a vacation, you actually come to realize how much extra time there can be to post. Having no job work to do and entire days to do whatever the hell you want leaves for a lot of extra time. I can get restless and my mind starts racing all kinds of crazy ideas since I like to keep busy, otherwise I feel unproductive. Additionally, with the initial jetlag, without fail I kept waking up in Venice at 3:00 in the morning, sometimes 4, the good ol’ ‘witching hours’ when the creative juices start flowing. After a couple of nights of this, I itched to blog, then thought that was actually a good sign if I missed blogging then I actually must really like rambling to you all about fashion or just rambling ha!

Anyways, blah blah blah – I’ll be backtracking on the outfit posts so here’s my first getup in Venice! It actually suited the ‘Doge’s Palace’ setting quite well 😉 Also glad to link you to my new favorite sandals!


Longline slit halter top: Forever 21

Khaki shorts: they’re old! any pair of khaki shorts should work 😉

Gladiator sandals: Breckelles (it gives you a selection, you have to click on the right sandal)

Cuff bracelet: Trends Blue 

Other white longline slits I’m eyeballing: