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9 Apr

Festival Inspired Looks

Hey world, so I’m thinking I’ll just be adding on to this list of pictures of my latest outfits with that desert-inspired feel as the Coachella force is going strong. To be honest, I love how music has inspired fashion and vice versa, because I feel they both go hand in hand. Historically fashion and music have had an ongoing influence on each other in creation of a multi-faceted period piece of creativity and style on different levels fused by multiple mediums. So it’s exciting to watch how the celebration of music with Coachella has inspired fashion throughout the years of festival seasons and continues to evolve in its trends from this annual event.

I love how festival looks are inspired by a blend of bohemian, desert/southwestern, and 1970’s vibes. It’s a perfect outlet to channel that inner hippie =P

xx Dana

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Similar and other favorite rompers I’m eyeballing at the moment. Forever21 has some great ones right now:


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Less Expensive Dress: Zara

Bracelets: Keep Collective