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18 May

Mermaid Hair

For my new color do, I went to see Ruby at Salon Republic in Hermosa Beach. You can get $20 off your service if you mention me.  She specializes in color and is great company throughout the whole process. I immediately felt relaxed and comfortable upon meeting her warm spirit. I also felt reassured about getting a color change this second time around after she discussed that she uses Olaplex which is a treatment to protect your hair during and after the color process from being too stripped by all the harsh chemicals. My first time going dramatic with hair color was last year when I went with blue and purple hair. I LOVED it, but didn’t keep it too long, as it started changing all kinds of colors, eventually to a teal. Another reason I didn’t keep it too long was because my hair really started to feel fried at the edges and easily prone to split or break. This second time around, with Ruby’s help, I went a lighter shade of brown with touches of ash blonde and subtle hints of lavender silver. I asked for a balayage effect.

So before you go under for any mermaid hair transformation, here are a few pointers of what to expect!!

  • Expect to be at the salon for a LONG time! Especially if you have to go from dark hair to light hair – the bleaching process can take long, at least a good 2 hours plus, so you might want to make sure to eat beforehand.
  • Ask about any color protection the colorist uses such as Olaplex like Ruby used. Yeah funky hair color is fun, but you want to make sure you protect the healthiness as the bleach is really harsh and damaging unfortunately.
  • You will be told to not wash your hair for like 5 days after the initial color treatment!! Eeeek. That’s to allow the color to set in better and last longer.
  • It’s recommended that you don’t wash your hair every day, again to protect the color.
  • No hot showers – Hot water is no bueno for the color. This is VERY hard for me because I LOVE hot showers. This is also why jacuzzis are not a good idea either. I learned this the first time I dyed it blue and purple. Going into a jacuzzi at the spa, marked my first color change, although it was a cool color change. Now I know next time to not submerge my head underwater or that I should consider wearing a shower cap Lol. This goes for swimming pools too =/ The chlorine is not a good idea for the color. I know I’m starting to sound like a gremlin.
  • Ruby also gave me a purple shampoo to use to maintain the color. Yes it is literally purple! I learned that the hard way by using it during a bubble bath. Let’s just say the water had a change of color too and the shampoo is quite messy.
  • Expect to pay $$$$. This hair color thing is not cheap at most any salon you go to.
  • You will need touchups. The color will eventually change or fade, sometimes really quickly! That means more money for touch ups too.
  • Bring pictures of what you want it to look like! This is crucial as nowadays there are so many shades of colors and different effects like highlights, ombre, and balayage (and now I’m hearing about strobing) to choose from, that it can be really difficult to communicate your ideas to your colorist. Even if you think they may understand by talking it out, it may come out just a tad differently from what you envisioned.
  • Your hair texture may change and not feel as smooth and healthy.
  • The colors may take time to adapt to. I’m still getting over how my skin tone looks a lot tanner now that I went lighter.
  • Is it worth it? Well like the saying goes “that’s the price of beauty” right? I would say despite all the “Seriously, I have to do what??!” moments, heck yeah it’s kinda cool to rock that mermaid hair. Fortunately, hair grows back after all you put it through and eventually, you can always return to au naturale. It’s always nice to have a change and feel a certain new you so best of luck with your decision to change colors or not. And if you want a change, I highly recommend Ruby – she was great and kind enough to offer any of my followers $20 off their service if you mention me!

xx Dana

Outfit details:

Lace top: Forever21

Jeans: Sneak peek ripped boyfriend jeans