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25 May

Shannon Snow Active Workwear

Today’s Danilla style challenge involved stylizing a little black dress designed by Shannon Snow . If you haven’t heard of this designer, Shannon Snow recently launched her new dress line tailored for the modern, working woman. These designer dresses feature sporty comfort made from performance material so women can lead their busy versatile lives whether that means biking to work, stopping at a happy hour, or working out later. This super comfortable LBD I’m wearing is the “Breezy Little Black Dress.” My goal: to fashion this simple dress in a unique, stylish way that would give it more character. I wanted to  switch up the work mode look for a more fun, dressed down feel, so I layered the dress on top of a fitted black and white striped off shoulder top and wrapped your typical striped, work style, button-up collared shirt around my waist. To accessorize I threw on my go-to superstar adidas, bucket bag, and sunnies. It’s always fun to see how creative you can get with styling simple pieces. Thanks for checkin it out!

xx Dana

Outfit details:

Black Dress:Shannon Snow

Blue and white striped button up: H&M

Black and white striped off shoulder top: (similar) bebe or tobi