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27 Jun

Formal Dresses

This white bcbg gown was a long sought after find on a mission for the perfect dress to wear to an opera date with the hubs. I loved that it was modern and sexy with the lines, cutouts, and high slits and still very feminine and classy with the all-white color, ruffles, and flowy fabric. It definitely has a wow factor that got a lot of compliments that night.

I’ve also linked some of my current evening/special occasion dress picks for a formal affair. The one find that I wanted to share with you if you need to find a special occasion dress is TJ Maxx’s website. I was surprised to first find out they sold merchandise online and second, that they carried a fairly wide selection of gowns from some top A-list designers like Marchesa, Badgley Mischka, Vera Wang, and Monique Lhuillier. As you probably know, TJ Maxx is known for their discounted prices so you can definitely snag a designer gown for a great deal.

About the opera, well as much as I really wanted to love going, I found it quite difficult to sit through and not be restless. It was our first time watching an opera and I was excited to go because it was one of the more popular ones that I’ve always heard about, La Boheme and expectations were running pretty high. I’ve always wanted to go after watching ‘Pretty Woman’ HA! I wanted to walk out of an elevator with Lauren Wood’s “Fallen” playing in the background.  I wanted to be moved to the point of tearing up and saying to a stranger “It was so good, I almost peed my pants!” with JD covering up for me by saying “She said she liked it better than Pirates of Penzance.” If you haven’t watched this 90s classic you have to stop depriving yourself asap! But honestly, the opera felt long and drawn out and although I appreciated the moments when lines sounded like poetry and were magnified in beauty by being sung with powerful, melodious voices, those moments felt few and far between.

On the flipside of this slight disappointment – can’t complain too much it was a beautiful, fancy night out with JD and always so nice to see him clean up as he rarely does and cares to, I couldn’t ask for a better ending. (JD just looked over my shoulder and read that part remarking “You’re really gonna write that about me? What are you telling people?” and laughed embarrassingly. And for a split second I thought of taking it out, but no I’ll keep it. What a ballbuster I am =P) Anyways, we ended up ditching our dinner reservations afterwards because surprisingly, there was a whole outdoor party going on in the courtyard of the music center equipped with a bar, dj, and dancing right outside the opera venue. How convenient and what a serendipitous surprise to emerge straight into an outdoor party into the evening air under the stars. So we said screw the fancy dinner, had some drinks, and danced in our formal wear amongst a diverse crowd not as quite dressed up as us like it was prom night.

So the story about the pictures goes like this: We’ve gone down a flight of steps about to cross the street to the parking garage to go home and some random voice calls out from above and it turns out to be a photographer named Ron Hogen. “Hey married couple!” he calls out trying to catch us before we cross. Apparently, he thought we were newlyweds who had just gotten married and snapped these amazing shots of beautiful downtown LA lights in the background. A second blessing for the night as I was slightly disappointed we hadn’t gotten more couple photos of us together since we were all dressed up and we’re usually too shy to trouble strangers to snap a pic of us together and that’s how the night ended! So the moral of the story is, if you need pictures taken of you together as a couple, but you have no photographer and you’re too shy to ask strangers, throw on a white formal gown and hopefully some random, professional photographer will think it’s your wedding day and will try to capture the moment in priceless candids 😉 Thanks for reading and have a lovely week ahead! I’ve linked more of my top formal dress picks below! Cheers to dreamin and attracting serendipitous encounters!

xx Dana

More pretty dresses a few from TJ Maxx as mentioned: