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23 Jul

Neckerchiefs and Skinny Scarves

Lately, if I feel like I need a little more ‘somethin’ on top, aside from considering wearing a choker (another go-to accessory), I’ll sift through some neckerchiefs or skinny scarves for some added pizzazz on top! They’re a great way to dress up a plain, lonely looking neckline to give your outfit some added oooooomph and character. Obviously, weather’s hot right now and I can’t have you profusely perspiring on me so definitely go lightweight on the fabric. Think skinny if you’re going for a longer scarf and also play with how you tie and style it. Trial it different ways because you never know which way of tying it will look best! I snagged this scarf at a shop in the mall called Fashion Q a while back so I can’t link it, but below are similar finds, some with that paisley type boho print. Some of my fave scarf finds were from Urban Outfitters so make sure after you select one, to click  and check out all the optional prints and patterns ; ) Now you’re all set! Thanks for clickin back!

xx Dana