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8 Aug

Vital Proteins Smoothie

In collaboration with Vital Proteins, I’m sharing my not so secret smoothie recipe that I make for my fruit intake and to get more antioxidants in my system. Vital proteins contacted me and asked if I wanted to work together on this post and I replied that I actually already recently started using the collagen peptides in my smoothies. I got turned on to it after researching more how to maintain healthy skincare and coming across Dr. Axe‘s recommendation of the benefits of collagen powder. After looking for collagen powder products on, I settled on the Vital Proteins brand because it’s grass-fed and natural. Benefits listed include:

  • Promotes youthful skin, healthier hair, and stronger nails
  • Helps keeps bones healthy and strong, supports joint health
  • Contributes to a balanced diet and helps maintain weight
  • Natural glycine promotes healthy immune, digestive, and central nervous systems.
 I added a video of my smoothie recipe on my instagram story that you can watch. To make it, I use:
  • a frozen mixed fruit medley of berries and mango from Sprouts
  • a tablespoon of coconut oil
  • Coconut/almond milk
  • half a scoop of protein powder
 Since the fruit is already frozen, I don’t need to add ice and I also don’t add any sugar either. To make it more healthy, you can also add some chia and flax seeds and a little bit of vitamin C powder (very little so it’s not too tart) and then you blend it! I’ve listed some of the ingredients below that you can conveniently get on Let me know if you try it out and thanks for checking out this post. Hope you all had a great weekend!
xx Dana