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10 Aug

Shoot with Stella & Jamie and Tim Regas

This white Stella & Jamie number is the perfect getup to pair with sneakers for a sporty look. The mesh fabrics are stretchy and comfortable for an effortless look to easily throw on and run out the door. Tim Regas, the photographer, quickly acknowledged the durability and rolled with the sporty look, suggesting I run and jump in it all around Venice beach. It was quite the fun shoot hanging out in Venice, breaking a sweat, and being the most active I’ve ever been asked to be in a photo shoot. Well not really – I forget that I had to run non-stop before in a Garmin ad to the point that my legs ached the next day. Anyways, there were so many great shots he took of this dress so it was hard to narrow down the pics for this post.

On a side note, to update you more on what I’ve been up to, we haven’t traveled much at all this summer, but I also have never met this many new people, made new acquaintances, and gone out on new outings in one summer. It’s been quite the unexpected experience and I’m thankful to welcome new faces that have been a delight to hang out with. I’m also excited to share that New York Fashion Week is in the talks, I’ve been invited to partake in a fashion start-up company, and I look forward to bringing more Stella & Jamie fashion to you as I may be blogger hosting one of their downtown LA pop-up shops in efforts to support a charity that works with victims of human trafficking. Now the real challenge will be juggling all that while my full-time job starts up again later this month! Wish me luck and thanks so much for reading 😉 Hope your summer has also been full of unexpected surprises!

xx Dana

Dress: Stella & Jamie

IMG_1518 IMG_1517

Dress: Stella & Jamie