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28 Dec

Winter/Holiday Trends

Hey party people! Welcome to 2017 =P Here’s a peek of outfit #2 with hints of the same 3 details: something animal print, something sparkly, and something velvet. Most all pieces (top, pants, and jacket) were from Zara and I’ve linked some similar finds below! Hope you all had a great New Year’s Eve. I’ve been seeing a ton of New Year’s posts circulating that had me contemplating my own 2016 and what my plans are for this new year. Honestly, I have to say I never really make resolutions or map out goals – not that I’m closed off to it or ever would. I think it’s good to have a general idea of what you want or where you want to be, but sometimes I feel like writing all that down just puts a lot of pressure to control the outcome and life doesn’t always work out that way. I don’t really care to contemplate the ups and downs of the previous year, well because I don’t believe in dwelling on the past when it comes to my ups, downs, achievements, or disappointments. I don’t believe that a new year necessarily equates to a fresh start or a purging of bad luck from the previous year, well because don’t we get a fresh start every morning? Any time, any moment of the day we could change our minds and steer the course of our life in another direction if we don’t like it. We are not merely floating bodies subject to the whims of what the universe chooses to do with us on a specific year. We are the captains of our ship at any given moment of  the day so carpe fuckin diem my friends. Make every day any year your bitch =)

xx Dana

Video: Mar @eatmar of

Jacket: Zara

Graphic tee: Zara similar

Pants: Zara

Shoes: Steve Madden

Choker: Forever21




For this shoot I reconnected with Mar @eatmar of It’s been a pleasure bouncing ideas with this creative, collaborating together, and now being able to consider him a friend. From our chats, I look forward to seeing what’s in store for him next as his drive, passion, and hustle have been quite the inspiration.

Our shoot took place in Hollywood California. Of course parking was a bitch, but we worked some cool wall art murals and discovered hidden alleys that revealed themselves to be magical nooks with beautiful lighting. Despite some anxiety that we wouldn’t have enough daylight to shoot because of spending time making rounds to find parking and the sun setting earlier, the fading sunlight managed to work in our favor, radiating some perfect rays of dusky glow.

I styled 2 outfits for our shoot, both incorporating 3 seasonal favorite must-haves for your closet – something animal print, something velvet, and something sparkly. Of course my message is not that you have to wear all three at once, but I wanted to incorporate all 3 in these particular outfits. For this first getup, I mix-matched some prints with the leopard print faux fur jacket from The Kooples and a high neck star print long sleeve from Milly. I threw on ‘something sparkly’ with an H&M gold accented skinny scarf that I manage to wear with everything! I folded up the hems of these jeans from Zara to give a better peek of my navy, ‘something velvet’ boots, also from Zara. The wine, fur bag also added some plush, rich color to the ensemble. Links and similar outfit items are below! Stay tuned for pics and video of outfit #2 incorporating these three trendy details!

P.S. I’m 4 months with baby Danilla in these videos. Also stay posted for an end of the year recap on my thoughts/feelings on this surprising news and time, and what baby danilla means for 23 Danilla Skies =) Thanks for checking out this post!

xx Dana


Boots: Zara