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5 Feb

Rebecca Minkoff Spring 2017 Runway Show

Not going to New York Fashion Week turned out not so bad after all. Even if I wasn’t pregnant I still don’t think I would want to go and freeze my butt off in NYC this time of year. Fortunately, a special, unexpected invite came knocking at my door and I found myself with an invite to Rebecca Minkoff’s runway show right here at the Grove with no need to travel outside of LA at all! Turned out I was able to watch an awesome runway show and designer just a drive away.

Rebecca Minkoff has been more recognized for her amazing handbags, but her designs actually encompass a beautiful line of ready to wear clothing, shoes, jewelry, and electronic gadgets as well.  With this Spring 2017 collection that was shown, you can expect to get a taste of boho chic meets California cool with:

  • Feminine, sporty combos
  • Flowy light floral fabrics
  • Off shoulder ruffles
  • Tassel details on clothing, purses, and shoes
  • Handbags with wide straps embellished with bold printed designs

Festivities started straight out of work for me on Friday. I drove down to her Melrose shop to pick out a complimentary outfit to wear to the show with the help of my dear friend and stylist Christine of @tristinstyling  I chose this blue, floral, ruffle maxi which turned out a perfect fit for my baby belly even though it wasn’t  maternity wear.  It was probably the first piece that caught my eye right when I walked into the store. Funny, that the second item I stole away with was also the first handbag that caught my attention.  I was drawn to fashioning a pink and blue combo and the tassel details on both the dress and purse were the perfect match of cutesy goodness.

The next day of the show, I met up Christine at the Grove. Pre-event shenanigans included yoga in the morning, nail stations (really needed a manicure, but we were pinched for time), Lauren Conrad’s Little Market booth, and more. I’ve been anticipating trying out Laduree for a long time now so that was on my agenda and we were able to snag a table right before the show despite the long line. Stuffing your face is always a great way to start off a runway show right?! Lol

The runway show itself was a great turn-out and it was a bit surreal to see several top bloggers in person including Song of Style, Natalie off Duty, Chriselle Lim,  and even actress, Jamie Chung.  The end of the show featured some surprising live music with a line-up of female singers who sung while the models walked the end of the show. Girl power vibes were calibrating in full effect and hey I even got a couple of goose bumps during the song. Cheers to that and thanks again to the Rebecca Minkoff team!

xx Dana