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10 Feb

Vest Style

Hey Hey Hey! Happy Friday guys! This next outfit is a mash up of 3 fave new items so I’ll break it down quickly before I head off to work. Right now I’m lovin this soft, cozy beige and ivory vest from Uptown American Clothing. The long length, faux fur, and oh so soft suede outer shell with a knitted back make for an oh so comfy, sophisticated style that is a classic piece. You can style it with so many other outfit ideas especially for cold weather months, but as the sun is thankfully starting to peak out in LA, I styled this outfit for a more seasonal transitional look into Spring!

Okay so this purse is another new fave from the line Ecousi-very affordable by the way! I love the floral, messenger, bag style that has all the romantic, vintage feels.

These pants are actually maternity black skinny pants from Ingrid and Isabel . I’m really glad this line reached out to me because these particular ‘Black Ponte Skinny’ pants feel as comfortable as wearing leggings and have some magic slimming effect. Their pants and jeans have become a Godsend as my regular sized jeans and pants are becoming a no-go with my belly. Even the elastic hair tie trick around the loop and button so your fly can hang open has finally run it’s course at 7 months and is no longer comfortable for the baby bump =P so I highly recommend these pants for anyone out there who you know might be expecting.

Booties are from Grey City Shoes! Okay gotta run! Have a lovely weekend all!!

xx Dana