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6 Mar

Carrying mini Danilla

Cupshe non-maternity suit:

Oh hey there and Happy weekend! =D Long time, no blog. I’m surprisingly 32 weeks/8 months and finally getting to a share about how this pregnancy is going.

Guess I should start at the first trimester. So far, I think this pregnancy has been very kind to me. I’m thankful  I never had morning sickness and haven’t had a lot of difficulties being pregnant. I never threw up or got nauseous. I think I’m in the clear for that now, but I’ll just knock on wood ;). I did get fatigued the first trimester and would have to take naps because I was so sleepy and lethargic after work. I didn’t have energy to work out at all, also because I just felt lazy to do it. The most unusual thing was that I seemed to lose more weight not working out at all during the first trimester than when I wasn’t pregnant and watching my diet and exercising. It wasn’t because I was vomiting either like I said. I think it was all just going to the baby. I’ve also been told, you don’t show as much and as fast with the first pregnancy.

As far as cravings go, in the beginning I wanted pasta, chocolate, and dishes with red sauce. We use to eat a lot of meat before, but I haven’t really wanted it much at all. Meat hasn’t been appealing much this entire pregnancy, but it’s not to the point where the smells or sights of it or any food make me want to vomit or gross me out. JD has been really great and supportive about heading out to the store to grab me my random, spontaneous cravings. I’m not on any strict diet, but I do try to refrain from eating unhealthy or ordering fast food too often. Of course you need that occasional meal of in-n-out burger or tacos to hit the spot! JD’s also really good at cooking at home so we don’t eat out a lot and he’s very diligent about buying organic foods and healthy fats. He researched traditional foods that other cultures prepare for pregnant women and he said that’s what he feeds me lol. Initially, I was gaining weight in 4 pound increments during monthly check-ups, but during a January check-up, after the holidays, I was pretty shocked to find out I gained 12 pounds in a month! Lol.

Jd’s really excited about the baby and has even taken the liberty of nicknaming her “Bubbles” because from our first couple of ultrasound pictures, he said she just looks like a bunch of bubbles (pssst that won’t be her real name! 😉 ).

So then came the second trimester, same kind of eating habits. I don’t restrict myself when I really want to enjoy an ice cream or froyo. Even though I regained my energy back the second triemester, I got too use to not working out that I still haven’t gotten back to the exercising. It’s hard to get back to the exercising after feeling too tired the first three months so I’m lucky if I get in a walk or pilates 2-3 times a week at the most. The same goes for the third trimester. I’m starting to get tired again like the first. I have no idea how pregnant women do extreme training and exercising. I’m thoroughly convinced they grab a kettle bell to pose for a pic after working out for 5 minutes!

I’ve still been pretty active when I can. Always up to my shenanigans and juggling a lot. I think that’s been the hardest thing is that sometimes I forget I’m pregnant and have to remind myself to slow down and take it easy instead of feeling guilty for feeling not as productive. I’m not use to having to be cautious with my body. I miss tackling JD and play wrestling with him. I sometimes freak him out when I grab stools or climb things to reach for something high up on a shelf. The thing I miss most more than any other food I can’t eat, is actually drinking Lol. Oh btw, I’ve also gotten very clumsy. I’m a hot mess spilling food on myself practically every meal.

Doctor check-ups have been going well. It’s a bit of a nuisance having to pee in a cup and get blood drawn, but thankfully things have been checking out okay. I was a little worried because during my last appointment, the doctor said my belly was measuring small and ordered an ultra-sound just to make sure, but like she said, it turned out to be a false alarm and the babe is fine and weighing even more than expected. Doc said since my torso is long, the kid has more room in there to twerk so yay for long torsos!

Social life has taken a turn quite a bit too! I don’t really like change too much, so I tried to still go out with girlfriends the first trimester when I wasn’t showing, but it’s just not the same especially when you can’t drink and everyone’s on another level. I knew eventually I had to take a hiatus, especially during the second trimester when I couldn’t really fit into cute clothes anymore and didn’t want to be that pregnant bitch at the club. Oh I’m really hoping to get to a post about the tricks I’ve learned from having to style clothes and outfits with a belly btw. But yeah social life- I remember being bummed out losing roll dogs to pregnancy and now I’m that bitch, so it’s kinda bitter-sweet experiencing being on both sides – having to temporarily  lose friends who got pregnant and being the pregnant one having to leave her bitches. I never thought I’d be that bitch Lol!  Definitely missing my single ladies. I know I said ‘bitch’ like 5 times in 1 paragraph.

The treatment has been different too. Some people treat you so nice when you’re pregnant and you’re thinking “Damn, so I guess I had to get knocked up for you to loosen up and not be an asshole.” Then you also feel the energy from the single friends who wish you could still hang out like the good ol’ days and I can totally empathize and relate!

I’ve just been trying to take things one step at a time. I’ve kinda had to because I’m busy, but now that I’m 8 months, I’m a little freaked out to buy everything and to get everything set up for her room. Time went by fast! As far as the blog and the gram go, I’m not exactly sure where mommy-hood is gonna take this or how 23 Danilla Skies is gonna evolve. I can’t imagine going full out ‘mommy blogger’ style. You’ve probably noticed that I don’t post pregnancy or naked pregnant belly pictures a lot. Seeing naked pregnant belly use to scare the shit out of me so I realize it’s not for everyone and thought I’d save you the visual TMI. Not that there’s anything wrong with that! There’s definitely an entire niche for mommy bloggers. I think I’ll just have to go with the flow, balance things, and see where the ride takes me.

That’s definitely what this pregnancy has taught me so far – just let go and let nature take it’s course, including letting my body transform and do whatever the hell it wants to do because I’m not entirely in charge here. This period has also sort of awakened and mellowed me because lately for a handful of years now before getting pregnant, I was really carefree and on cloud 9. I felt invincible and unstoppable- a good feeling. Having another being inside you has opened up and resurrected a vulnerability and cautiousness that became foreign to me -not bad, just different and what I haven’t felt in a long time, like coming back around full circle.  It’s quite the change, but I gotta just go with the flow right? Anyways, thanks for sticking around and following me along this transitional time. I really appreciate your support during this freaky time in my life! =)

xx Dana