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22 Jul


What’s up with this shirt you ask? Normally this isn’t the type of graphic tee I would pick out based on what it reads “thank you haters.” I snagged this tee off a collaboration with Bella Thorne’s “thank you haters” campaign with six 02. Despite not caring too much for the message on here, I still decided to rock this tee for the rose gold metallic lettering that I do really like and now that I look back on pics of this outfit I styled, I totally would have knotted a midriff tie in the front.

The gist of the ‘thank you haters’ campaign is that you can applaud your haters for motivating you to do better and you can sort of show em up as having the final laugh because you’ve superseded despite their hater vibes. How do I feel about the slogan? – I really don’t care to show them up or beat them out of some kind of rat race so it doesn’t really resonate with me.

Well let’s take a step back and first put some sort of definition on whatever the hell a hater is. Some call them “confused admirers.” I really don’t agree with that either. I’d say a hater is one who radiates negative, judgmental energy towards you which stems from their own jealousy and insecurity. You know those types who “dull your shine” and kill your vibe because they’re not happy or secure with themselves.

So what do I do with people like that? I’ve learned to stay clear the fuck away from them and avoid those ill vibes like the bubonic plague. I never felt so productive and successful at getting shit done for myself until I detached and distanced myself from any ill vibes even if that included people who were close to me before and got weird. It was my best way at not caring so much about what they thought. Respecting yourself and creating a safety net to be surrounded by good vibes only can take you far. I guess you can thank your haters cause they reveal themselves as the very ones you need to stay clear of.  Don’t underestimate the nature of karma either.  I can’t help but notice a pattern that haters who have crossed me in the past have always gotten it back 10 fold with the bad karma. What kind of sorcery is this you ask? -Just the universe’s way of saying “I know you’re good people. I’ve got your back!”

And if you find yourself sending out the haterade. We’re all human and have been there before. Tune into that hate as an inner compass or guide to what you really want in life. You’re hating on somebody for what they have or what they’re doing – well that’s your indicator for what you’re wishing for in your life, so instead of being a hater, drop the fears, and set out for what the vibes are signaling. Best to get over it than harbor that negative energy towards someone. Drinkin that haterade will only poison you 😉 Good vibes only!

xx Dana