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12 Aug

Polka Dots/Corset Belts

Oh the polka dot – a print and trend that always tends to come back in style! Better save your polka dot pieces cause guaranteed they’ll come back in style 5 or 10 years from now. To me they’re most reminiscent of that vintage 1950’s style or twirling to swing dance music. The print also has a nostalgic appeal to the 1990’s a la “Hello brown polka dot dress worn by Julia Roberts in Pretty Woman during the polo scene!”  – one of the best movies everrrrrrr!

Well here it is resurrected again and for this polka dot getup, I decided to accessorize with a floral print corset belt for a bit of unexpected contrast. I’m really loving the corset belts right now and how they can just add the best touch to any outfit or plain dress or shirt. My style tips for wearing a corset belt:

1.) play around with the positioning. They might tend to ride up a little too high under the girlies (.) (.) so best to experiment and see if it looks better scooted down at different waistline levels to find that sweet/happy spot =)

2.) I’ve seen the knotted tie of corsets on both the top and bottom. Might wanna play around with that a bit too. For this particular corset I’m wearing, I found the tie to look better at the bottom.

My style tips for wearing polka dots:

1.) Easy on the polka dot selection! Big dots at equidistant spacing gone bad can make you look like a walking game of Twister =X I’ve linked some selects to help you out!

Well there you have it- 2 loves on trend =P Polka dot and corset faves below! Happy shopping and thanks for clickin back here!

xx Dana