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26 Nov

After Thanksgiving Sales

Hearing about all these black Friday sales and post Thanksgiving cyber deals got me surfing the net to find the best discounts on 3 top must-haves to spruce up your fall/winter wardrobe game this season. I rounded up my top finds – most are under $50 and $100 even if they’re not marked down. Here we go!


1.) Berets and Caps


Headwear is a must this season! Perfect to add a pop of color like this fuchsia one here!

2.) All about that Plaid


Oh my gosh I could literally wear just about anything in black and white plaid right now – “so hot right now, so hot!” –Zoolander The plaid blazer is trending like crazy and what’s even better than a plaid blazer? – a long one or a plaid coat so check check check it out!!!!


3.) Boots!


Okay you need them in white, gold, and silver! Enough said, you just do! Fancy footwear in these colors and boom*walah*alacazam! Your whole outfit just got completely transformed to Heeeeeeey Welcome to 2017/2018!! =P

By the way, that tan boot down there just looks like a misplaced straggler. It’s really white if you click on it! #bloggerproblems Oh and I just threw in these black studded gems at such a steal because well, black don’t crack – it’s a classic!!! Happy holidays and thanks for checking out this post! =D

xx Dana