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4 Dec

11 Tips to Happiness

Thanks for visiting the blog. So you want to know my 11 tips to keeping myself one jolly ol’ fuck? Well I must say that this a great refresher for me because naturally as a human I often fall off the wagon with following what I know I need to do to take care of my own mind, body, and spirit. And even with a baby, following everything I’ve outlined below has become exponentially challenging as there never seems to be enough time in the day. I do also have to preface this by saying by no means am I this happy, perfect person. Yes on the gram my life may present as one giant collage of picture perfect vomit, but as you read through, you’ll find that despite my downs or hardships I undergo, I try to highlight the positive, happy moments. So here’s a lowdown of what has worked for me in keeping life upbeat:
1.) Find the one.
The one, not necessarily meaning the soul mate kinda “one.” I’m not sure if that’s always necessarily possible for everyone. But I mean the one who you just gel with, who life is easier with, and gets better with. Maybe that’s the “one.” People tend to go for what’s hard to get and think that love has to come with heartache and struggle. Why put yourself through all that pain and misery? I’m not saying bail when things get hard. Yes relationships need to be nurtured, but make it easier on yourself and appreciate what comes. A wise woman once said to me that who you marry is the most important decision you’ll ever make in your life. Ain’t that the truth. Who you choose to spend your life with is the game changer, the deal-breaker, and the overarching factor determining the difference between a life of happiness or one of misery. Choose wisely! This leads me to the people you surround yourself with. Obviously you’re gonna be surrounded by “the one” 24/7. That’s why that one is such an important key player, but you gotta think about the other ones. Remove yourself from negative energy. You can tell who these people are because you just feel drained after spending time with them. They seem to suck all your energy and you feel exhausted and depleted trying to constantly raise them up. The more you clear out that negative space, the more space you create to attract positive experiences and blessings into your life. Get rid of the people carrying extra baggage who want you to carry it for them all the time and surround yourself with a tight circle of real ride or dies. Find a true squad to nurture your spirit, not your ego.
2.) Pray or meditate or even better, do both!
I grew up Catholic so I always had to pray with my mom, at school, and then I’d do it on my own so that was always instilled in me at a very young age. Am I a saint? Fuck no. It wasn’t until I got into my twenties that I tapped into hearing more about meditation and experimenting with it on my own. From meditating, life got even clearer for me, less stressful, and I felt like I could attract more of what I wanted into my life. With prayer, one can tend to concentrate on what one needs or desires and focus on the lack of, absence, and limitation. “Dear God help me, help me with this and that.” Meditation can help clear the mind, shush all that negative self-talk, stop you to just be present, and allow you to just let it all in. By no means am I a meditation guru! I pretty much picked up one of the easiest reads on how to meditate. It’s so simplified and easy to do, pretty much meditation 101 or meditation for dummies. It’s a simple, quick read broken down very easily to comprehend. The book is called Getting in the Gap. There are even simple meditation videos you could google on YouTube.
3.) Get moving – exercise!
I’m sure you’ve never heard this one before, but yes anything to get you moving or your heart rate up is proven to boost your mood and energy. I feel best internally when I feel I’m in better shape physically. I have more energy throughout my day and I’m just overall in a much better mood. I definitely feel the difference especially since I’m not that consistent with working out all the time.
4.) Be one with nature.
This can totally tie in to the moving. Why not exercise and be one with nature at the same time. Two birds, one stone. Anything like going for a hike, a run in the neighborhood, to the beach etc. makes me feel serene, grounded, and connected to Mother Earth. It’s a great way to clear your mind and unplug from society and electronics. So dip your feet in the water, let your toes dig into the sand, your feet sink into the grass,  your soles crunch the autumn leaves, and your soul will thank you later.
5.) Read self-help books.
Speaking of Wayne Dyer, you’re probably aware that there’s practically a self help book for any kind of problem imaginable. Tapping into meditation for me was also around the time I made friends with the self improvement section at the book store. One of the first speakers I became acquainted with who I highly recommend is the late Wayne Dyer. You can easily pick up one of his books or listen to audio books in the car. He’s well versed and knowledgeable about a variety of different teachings and philosophies and pulls from all of them so he has a wealth of insight and quotes other great thinkers and philosophers who you can use as other recommendations to learn from. He’s open-minded about different teachings and doesn’t pretentiously subscribe to or advocate one school of thought, philosophy, or religion. Life is a journey right so personal growth is key. Books and topics like ‘the secret,’ the power of intention, ego, visualization, and manifestation pique my interest most when gravitating towards a certain genre.
6.) Gratitude.
Be thankful and highlight the positive. The more gratitude for every little goodness in your life, the more blessings arrive. Stop putting that negative, ‘woe is me’ mentality out into the universe or hanging out the dirty laundry for the world to know. Not everyone needs to know the magnitude of your suffering, and quite frankly
and sadly, not many people care or they view that as a sign of weakness which they will use to their advantage. Don’t give them that satisfaction.
7.)Keep it simple.
We sometimes try to do so many things at once, have all these ideas, and complicate things more than we have to. Remember Quality trumps quantity.
8.)Let it Goooooooo!
Control the things u can and let go of what u can’t. Time to trust and surrender to God, faith, the universe etc., whatever that higher power is for you buddy. Do what you can, then release and surrender the worry. We can’t run the entire show all the time. There’s a bigger power at play.
9.)Do fun shit with fun people.
Engage in hobbies you enjoy, create, get productive, and surround yourself with uplifting, positive, people to keep your mind preoccupied.


10.) Remind yourself these 2 things:

Once, when I was going through what was the most difficult time in my life and I felt at my lowest point, my mom reminded me that God doesn’t give you anything you can’t handle. You got this!

She also reminded me that your situation may seem pretty shitty, but remember there are always others who are hurting or suffering much worse in this world.
11.) Don’t take yourself or life too seriously.
Every moment is a temporary state. This too shall pass. So cheers to that and keeping yourself happy. It’s the most important responsibility you have to yourself.