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10 Feb

Tulum Outfits

Tulum’s weather was warm and humid so my vacay wear consisted of light, summery fabrics and colors. You can see I went on a bit of a striped spree too. I would say even these outfits were a little extra for Tulum. Cute, yes, but at times I felt a little too dressed up, so don’t think that you have to be done up and trendy at all in Tulum. Like I’ve been mentioning in some of my IG posts, the lifestyle there is very simple, laid back, and no-fuss. I think I executed some of that by wearing the same pair of old flip flops with every outfit even though I did pack some cute sandals and wedges. It’s really a relief to be more natural and to let go of the high-maintenance routines to get ready. I skipped on doing my nails even though I planned to by packing a bottle of nail polish, not curling my hair and sticking a brush through it at most (my hair actually took pretty well to the humidity. It was fuller!), and wearing minimal makeup and hardly any jewelry.  In Tulum, you can really get away with a minimalist look, simple strappy dresses, one pair of slippers or sandals, athletic shoes for hiking, a summer hat, swimwear, and shirts and shorts without all the added accessories. I can’t wait to post a ‘danilla diary’ on our trip there! It was much needed and so relaxing since having Natalia. Stay tuned for a travel post on Tulum! =D

xx Dana

**Just a note for the crochet bikini, I bought a Large because it runs small! It also is see through so I sewed in some cups for lining 😉