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Hi there! It’s meeeeeeeeeeeeee Dana. Welcome and thanks for visiting my blog!

23 Things About Danilla

  • I live in LA where I wear many hats under 23 different skies. I’m the most ecstatic when I get to do an acting gig (my absolute passion). Other hats include a rewarding, fulfilling career as a speech language pathologist servicing the special needs population for which I’m so grateful for and now I delve into an exciting realm of style/fashion blogging =)
  • My Style: I take from the old and create the new. I like to think the core of my style is classy and feminine and then fuse that with a little bit of trendy, quirky, edge.
  • Style Beliefs: I believe your style should represent your character, I believe in ‘if you like it, wear it.’ I believe that it’s not so much about WHAT you wear, but HOW you wear it.
  • How I dress myself for the day: Some people have a minimalist wardrobe or only wear black and white. I have a bunch of color in my closet because I tend to dress based on what I feel like wearing that day and my mood. Example: some days I feel like dressing down with trendy sneakers and a plaid shirt or graphic tee, other days I feel like a 1950’s starlet and will go for a retro look. If I know what type of venue I’m going to, I also style my outfits based on the aesthetic surroundings I anticipate.
  • I will be your best bargain shopping friend. Stick with me as I’ve always had an uncanny knack at finding and getting great shit for dirt cheap and it thrills me!
  • I sometimes curse. Please don’t get scared or offended. If ever I use the word “Bitch” or “Bitches be like___” I usually mean it in the most endearing way possible.
  • I think I got my fashion sense from my dad. Growing up, he tried to assure we were always well dressed and was even very particular about his own clothing. He was very strict about how we dressed especially for Sunday mass and would make us go back upstairs to change if it wasn’t to his standards.
  • I’m married! My husband, JD is the trigger finger behind the camera, the chocolate to the danilla. Super thankful for all his support! He doesn’t like being in front of the camera much, but I’m working on that muahahahah!!
  • Why the number 23? I was born on the 23rd, it’s Michael Jordan’s number, and it’s just a reoccurring number that randomly pops up and follows me on a daily.
  • I was born and raised in Las Vegas, Nevada. I’m often asked “So how was that like??”
  • I don’t gamble
  • I find the best parking spaces without fail.
  • I am Filipino. Yes, no one believes me. Some Chinese blood must have gotten mixed in there generations ago because Filipinos don’t even recognize me as their own.
  • My instagram captions sometimes contain random ramblings.
  • People tend to get intimidated by me. I don’t know if this is a blessing or a curse. It confuses me though, because I feel like a down to earth dork.
  • I love movies of course and period pieces. I always felt like I should’ve been born in another time period. I’d have to be a Caucasian woman of course for that to work.
  • My only idol has been Audrey Hepburn. My favorite movie of hers is Roman Holiday. Favorite Audrey Hepburn quote is “The most important thing is to enjoy your life – to be happy – it’s all that matters.”
  • I love to eat and try new foods and restaurants.
  • I can easily entertain and amuse myself
  • I love to laugh so much so that I end up laughing at my own jokes
  • If I laugh too hard, I snort
  • My Bachelor’s degree is in Psychology. My Master’s is in Communicative Sciences and Disorders.
  • My philosophy on love – it shouldn’t feel like “work.”